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How a pizza stone can help you make a professional pizza at home

The key to making a really great pizza at home is investing in the tools of the trade. In Naples — the home of the world’s best pizza — pizza is made in a brick oven where the wood-fire fueled temperature gets to be as much as 900 degrees. Zoning codes here won’t allow home […]


How to Make Healthy Pizza Recipes

Pizza is often wrongly classified as a fast food. Modern pizza variations, which boast deep stuffed crusts and lots of high fat cheese and meat toppings can be classified that way but it is also possible to make healthy pizza dough and use healthy toppings. There is no need to find healthy alternatives to pizza […]

Cool Vegetable Hummus Pizza

Make this healthy hummus pizza recipe vegetarian or not. Because raw vegetables and cooked meat toppings are added as the last step in this hummus pizza recipe, kids can choose their own healthy pizza toppings. Vegetable pizza toppings and optional meat toppings are finely grated, creating a texture that encourages even picky kids to eat […]